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Budget Papers say it’s secret, but USB reveals itBack

Friday, 17 September 2010 Printer Friendly Version

The USB Budget leak earlier in the week has revealed confidential information the Budget Papers claimed should not and would not be revealed.

“Budget Papers revealed the Rann Government was going to privatise or sell all metropolitan hospital car parks and Medvet laboratories,” Shadow Minister for Finance Rob Lucas said today.

“Budget Paper 6 (pp 103-104) outlines the Rann Government’s intention to sell, but does not include any estimate of the expected sale value of either the car parks or Medvet laboratories.”

In fact, the Budget Papers state explicitly:

“The expected proceeds have not been disclosed to ensure a competitive bid process.”

“However, the USB Budget leak (pp 198-199) actually reveals the Rann Government’s confidential estimates of the sale proceeds:

Sale of Metropolitan Hospital Car Parks $90 million
Sale of Medvet Operations $15 million

“It is clear that Treasury’s advice is that the leaking of the Rann Government’s confidential sale estimates will now prevent a “competitive bid process” for the sale of these assets,” Mr Lucas said.

“It is also interesting to note that both of these sales or privatisations are contrary to Mr Rann’s promise not to privatise any government assets.

“These confidential estimates are just one of many examples of confidential information now publicly available on the USB which will not only embarrass the Rann Government, but will cause significant difficulties for the Government in managing the Budget process.

“Information available on the USB will be invaluable to the Liberal Party and the media in pursuing the detail of budget decisions which are usually well hidden by the Treasurer and Treasury.

“This massive increase in future car parking charges at hospitals is just one example of what is best described as a ‘landmine budget’ where the damage will continue to be felt over the next three years.”

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